Educating your mind is your biggest asset.
-K. Henderson

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My Mission

Provide academic and professional knowledge in order to guide and enhance all potential college students, especially first generation college students, for successful collegiate admission.

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  • Currently, Doctoral Student at Michigan State University
  • Master's of Public Health, Tulane University
  • Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry  with a Minor in Biology, The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff  


  • National Center for Toxicological  Research (NCTR) -Food and Drug Administration research internship.
  • National Institute of Health- National Institute of Environment Health Science research  internship.
  • Oak Ridge Institute for Sciences and Education (ORISE) Intern​​



  • Co-founder, Andrika Memorial Scholarship Foundation

  • Co-Founder, Eminent Institution for Academic Advancement

  • Volunteer, GirlTrex

  • Volunteer, Relay for Life​